In today’s complex business environment, it is more important than ever to have the right accountant working on your team. Everybody’s facing common challenges:

  • Global economic uncertainty
  • Complicated tax laws
  • Fluctuating interest rates
  • Staffing difficulties

At FPA our goal is to take some of these pressures off your shoulders and provide you with the peace of mind of knowing someone else is there to take care of the complexitites you’re facing. We want to be your advisors at every stage of your business, from start-up with its many new forms and registrations to personal financial planning and estate planning to transfer your wealth to the next generation with a minimum of tax. We serve a variety of industries with unique demands and challenges.


The unique challenge facing many not-for-profit organizations is to operate in a highly-regulated environment while also making a real contribution to society. FPA provides assurance & advisory services to most of the Fraser Valley’s largest not-for-profit organizations. These engagements have enabled us to develop a significant level of knowledge and understanding about the issues that matter most to our not-for-profit clients. In addition to our work with not-for-profits at the office, our partners and staff take a genuine interest in giving back to the community.


Farming has long been the engine that drives the economy of the Fraser Valley. Our farming clients are among the leaders in the agricultural sectors of poultry, dairy, greenhouse, field crops and berries.

If you report farming income personally, through a partnership or a corporation, you qualify to participate in the AgriStability/AgriInvest program. The program is delivered by Agriculture Canada and assists farmers with protecting their farm income from both small or large declines. To participate in the AgriStability/AgriInvest program, you must meet various filing deadlines to report financial and production data annually. Please contact us to discuss this program or other farm subsidy programs with one of our agriculture specialists.

Health Care

Our clients in health care include physicians, surgeons, dentists, orthodontists and chiropractors. We provide advice on areas of practice management and assistance with designing practice structures that will maximize income while keeping the impact of taxes and exposure to creditors as low as possible. Financial planning, retirement planning and succession planning will help you build and manage your wealth with minimum of taxation.

Law Firms

Legislation, regulations, business and financial transactions all grow increasingly complex. Lawyers face intense pressure to improve the competitive positioning of their own firms. To ease these pressures, FPA provides advice on managing the finances of your law practice. We can help in structuring your practice to minimize your exposure to creditors and tax. With over 40 years of experience with owner-managers we’re able to provide insights into business operations and personal financial issues. Our practice management services help legal firms improve cash flow, reduce taxes payable and enhance profits. To find out how we can help you file your Trust Audit Report electronically, contact us.


FPA has expertise in providing assurance and advisory services to small and medium sized companies in the manufacturing industry. The range of professional services we offer helps clients improve financial and operational performance, create competitive advantage and achieve profitable growth. Through our strategic alliances, we are able to provide tax advice regarding transfer pricing issues, research and development credits.

Real Estate & Construction

There are many factors that strongly influence the industries of real estate and construction. Population growth, the cost of borrowing, the cost of materials (such as lumber, steel, and concrete), and the availability of skilled and unskilled labour are a few factors that greatly impact these industries. We can help you understand the changing direction of these factors and create a proactive plan that takes all areas of influence into consideration.

Self-employment is another more common factor in construction and real estate than in most other industries. Four out of every ten workers in the construction industry are self-employed. This is the reason for CRA’s major campaign to ensure all construction workers are caught in the income tax net

Investment Advisors

Our clients in the investment industry have a high obligation to the clients they serve.  Accordingly, they often have regulatory filings and reporting to regulatory agencies such as the British Columbia Securities Commission (BCSC) and the Mutual Fund Dealers Association (MFDA).  FPA can help manage your business as well as help you comply with the regulatory obligations of your business.